30th May- Col de Berard Ski Tour

After spending two weeks in Lyngen (post to follow) and a long drive back we found that Chamonix had been very wet and pretty cold in our absence. A quick check with the Office de Haute Montagne confirmed the Berard Valley still had good snow cover and the walk in was a max 1 hour. One of these statements was true.

Lots of snow- true

A minimum 90 mins allowed us to put our skins on and head up to the north eastern slopes under Col de Belvedere. Ziggy joined us sporting her new backpack and carried her lunch and lots of water.

Lunch in the sun followed by a quick skin and some super turns in creamy spring snow.

And then the long walk out.

Anyone fancy it – walk up in walking shoes. Too far in ski boots for me. The trip took about 6 hours walking from the Buet Hotel.

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